Wednesday, December 27, 2023

For Immediate Release


Poll Shows 77% of Democrats Worried that Biden Loses to Trump

A recent YouGov poll funded by Cenk Uygur’s presidential campaign shows that 77% of likely Democratic voters are worried that Joe Biden would lose to Trump in the general election. The poll, conducted by YouGov, interviewed 1200 registered Democratic voters and Democratic leaning independents and found that 27% of respondents are “very worried” that Biden will lose to Trump.  Twenty-five percent of respondents are “somewhat worried” and another 25% are “slightly worried,” while only 23% are “not worried at all.”

Despite the power of the presidency to command media attention, Biden has done little to slow his hemorrhaging approval numbers and assuage Democratic voters’ concerns. Uygur has been calling for President Biden to step aside noting his fading polling numbers across all key voting blocs including young people, and Hispanic and Black voters.

Biden as the incumbent has raised more than $71 million for his re-election in the last quarter alone and has received billions in free media coverage. Yet, the YouGov poll showed voters only favoring Biden 83% to Uygur’s 17% in a head to head match up. Uygur said, “How am I getting 17 points off the sitting president? And I did that with almost no mainstream media coverage of my campaign. Because it’s not about me, it’s about Biden being a historically weak candidate. This is exactly why I’m in the race – to show people how vulnerable Biden is and how it’s imperative that we pick the strongest possible candidate against Trump.”


The poll also showed that President Biden scored only 64% against the current crop of candidates, with the others splitting up 36% of voters (this includes the categories of undecided and other). Every poll shows the same results – Democratic voters aren’t excited about Joe Biden and they’re really worried he’s going to lose.