Monday, December 18, 2023

For Immediate Release


Four States Accept Cenk Uygur on Upcoming Democratic Presidential Primary Ballots

Election officials from Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Vermont notified Cenk Uygur’s campaign over the weekend that his applications were reviewed and that he will be submitted for inclusion in their upcoming Democratic presidential primary ballots.

Mr. Uygur reacted to the news stating, “Nothing is impossible. We told you we could get on these ballots – and we delivered. We’re telling you that we can knock out Joe Biden – and we’re going to deliver on that, too. We need the strongest possible candidate against Donald Trump. Right now, Joe Biden is losing in every swing state. He is our weakest candidate. We also need as many voices against Trump as possible in this primary. I asked the voters of these states to put me in the ballgame. And they just did. Now, it’s official – anything is possible!”

Primaries for all four states will be held March 5, 2024.