Why support Cenk?
  1. Every vote and every delegate Cenk gets will be leveraged for peace and progressive priorities.
  2. Cenk is the only candidate who says we should not fund Israel until they end the bombing, the war and the occupation.
  3. Cenk is the only true progressive left in the race from either major party.
  4. Cenk is not an establishment politician and will fight for us.
  5. Cenk does not take corporate PAC money and doesn't work for wealthy donors and corporations.




Policy. Policy. Policy.

  1. Time Off for Parents - Paid Family Leave (84% of Americans support)
  2. Higher Wages - $15 Minimum Wage (65% of Americans support)
  3. Allow Medicare to Negotiate Drug Prices (83% of Americans support)
  4. Fight Corruption - End Private Financing of Elections (80% of Americans think donors have too much influence in Congress)
  5. Protect a Woman's Right to Choose (85% of Americans support abortion being legal under some or all circumstances)
  6. Permanent Ceasefire and De-escalation of Violence in Gaza (61% of Americans support)
  7. Aggressively Address Climate Change (71% of Americans think climate change is hurting fellow Americans, 97% of climate scientists believe humans are causing climate change)
  8. Affordable Health Insurance – Public Option (68% of Americans support)
  9. Universal Background Checks (89% of Americans support)
  10. End Gerrymandering (90% of Americans support)

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